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A Family Farm

DHI has been family owned and operated since 1918. A small farm, owned and operated by father and son-in-law, has turned into one of the largest farms in the Miami Valley, operated by a family of 18.

An Opportunity

DHI employs approximately 50 area youth each summer to detassel seed corn. For most of those youth, it is their first job. DHI hopes not only to help these youth financially, but to provide a lesson in leadership, teamwork, and responsibility as well.


A Future
DHI strives to respect and protect the land from which we make our living. We have several farms in land conservation programs to ensure agriculture remains part of the landscape for generations to come. 

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Due to personnel changes and some equipment issues, we wanted to inform everyone that 2024 is going to see Dull Homestead exit a few markets.

We will no longer be offering corn cob bedding as a retail product. We have bagged out the remainder of what had already been ground, but only into bulk bags. Availability is very limited, and you MUST call ahead in order to reserve. Call the office at (937)833-3339.

Additionally, we no longer sell individual cattle for freezer beef.

These decisions were not made lightly, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.

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